Wild Rose Community Memorial Hospital
601 Grove Ave
PO Box 243
Wild Rose, WI 54984
920-622-5593 fax
Hours – 24/7

Waushara Family Physicians – Wild Rose
701 Grove Ave
PO Box 314
Wild Rose, WI 54984
920-622-5598 Fax
Hours – 8a-8p

Waushara Family Physicians – Plainfield
N6493 Valley Circle Dr
PO Box 5
Plainfield, WI 54966
715-335-6546 Fax
Hours – 8a-5p

Waushara Family Physicians – Wautoma
N2934 Hwy 22 N
PO Box 708
Wautoma, WI 54982
920-787-0842 Fax
Hours – Please call for clinic hours

Waushara Family Physicians – Coloma
141 Front St
PO Box 219
Coloma, WI 54930
715-228-2302 Fax
Hours – Please call for clinic hours



WRCMH Care Companion (formerly Lifeline) program is a personal emergency response system that helps maintain the independence of the elderly and handicapped, and adds peace of mind to the families they love. With Care Companion, elders can continue to live independently and with assurance in the homes they love, knowing that help is available at the press of a button.

Getting help quickly makes a real difference in the event of medical incident such as heart attack, stroke or fall. Through early intervention medical outcomes can be improved, and suffering is reduced.

Care Companion provides immediate 24-hour access to community medical and social services at the press of a button. For information call 920-622-6041.